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Financing Options

Affording hardware repairs or data recovery can be difficult.  We’ve made it fast and easy!


Trade in your old, broken and end-of-life devices for store credit towards new equipment!

Device Protection

Just $99 for 3 years of accidental damage coverage on your laptop and desktop computers!

Digital Protection

Increase your security, performance, detect problems, and have off-site backups!

 TBI Computer Service

TBI Computer has over twenty years of history servicing Apple products, from iMacs to MacBooks, iPads to iPhones. We’re an Apple Authorized Service Provider, which is important – it means that every technician that works on your device is an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician, and that your repair will be completed using genuine Apple parts. Whether your machine is in or out of warranty, whether it is a brand new beauty or a well loved classic, TBI Computer is here for you.


  • Diagnostics: The diagnostics we run come straight from Apple and are designed specifically for your computer or iOS device. We pride ourselves on using the powerful tools Apple has provided to pinpoint just what is going on, ensuring the highest quality of service.
  • Hardware repairs: Crashed hard drive? Noisy fan? Dead power supply? It’s not often that Apple’s top of the line hardware needs help, but when it does, our skilled and qualified technicians have you covered.
  • Software repairs: Something strange going on with your operating system? Email gone haywire? iPhoto library problems? Our staff has years of experience with Apple software, and with that familiarity comes a strong foundation for fixing all your software woes.
  • Data recovery: When a hard drive goes and you’re without a backup, data recovery can become an urgent need. Quite often we can rescue your files, bringing those term papers or family photos back from the electronic grave.
  • On-site networking: Looking to set up a home network? Or maybe you’re a small business? Navigating the maze of settings and wires to get everything working just the way you want it can be a real trial. With our convenient on-site service, we can come to you for all your network setup and troubleshooting needs.


Special Financing Available

Financing Options

Affording hardware repairs or data recovery can be difficult. We’ve made it fast and easy to cover hefty repair costs with a special financing offer. Get it now and get no-interest financing for up to 12 months on qualifying purchases when purchase is paid in full within the promotional period.

No Interest if Paid in Full within 12 Months*

On purchases made with your Synchrony (formerly GE) credit card account. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within the promotional period.

Required Minimum Monthly Payments may or may not pay off purchase before end of promotional period.

TBI Computer will assist you with the application process. Apply in store today. Approval in just minutes!

Encore Trade-In

Trade in your old, broken and end-of-life devices for store credit and we’ll help you get the new equipment you need.

Trade-In and Save!

We will buy back your working or inactive smartphones, tablets, iPods, or MacBooks. If your device has no value, we will recycle it at no charge.

It’s Payday!

Trade-in your used, damages or outdated electronic devices to earn Store Credit.

It’s time for an Upgrade. Trade-In your old devices.

Trade In for store credit

Safeware - protection for accidental damage

Device Protection


Safeware Coverage

$99 for 3 years of accidental damage coverage on laptops and desktops. Damage from drops, liquid spills, lightning strikes, and other accidents, which are not covered by Applecare, can cost up to $1359.00! With a Safeware Protection Plan, you are only responsible for a $250 Service Fee. One repair in that 3 year period covers the cost of the plan and then some!

Now through September: When you buy a computer, Applecare, and our 3-year accidental damage coverage ($99), you get your choice of one the following rewards:

  • 1 Free end-of-semester tune-up.
  • 2 Jump-the-line passes for any service.
  • 3 training passes for the year.
  • Discounted rental computer rate during all service appointments.

Where accidental damage repairs can cost up to $1000, with the Safeware Protection Plan, they are no more than $250.  If your child damages the computer once in three years, it pays for itself.

Digital Protection



  • Feel secure by getting increased security
  • Note better speed and performance over time
  • Detect hardware problems before they effect you
Two options:
$79.99 up front and $7.79 per month
$14.79/mo. for the first year & $7.79 thereafter



  • Off site back-up in case of fire or theft
  • Automatic backup
  • Efficient and reliablesolution
Two options:
$79.99 up front and $14.99 per month
$21.99/mo. for the first year & $14.79 thereafter



  • Increased security for your iOS devices
  • Get the most out of your device with our helpful information app
  • Have peace of mind knowing your devices are safe
Two options:
$79.99 up front and $7.79 per month
$14.79/mo. for the first year & $7.79 thereafter



  • Coverage beyond the limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Small monthly fixed costs with no surprise deductibles
  • 100% Parts & labor coverage, no out of pocket expense
GuardianTek digital protection

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