Backing Up Isn’t Hard To Do

Backing Up Isn’t Hard To Do

“A file saved is a file saved.”

While you may have heard of this statement, guess what? Restoring is impossible if you don’t have any backups.

We searched the Internet to see who wrote the above statement, because we do not take it lightly. Again, it’s so easy to get a basic – even robust – backup system in place for your Mac, and even its external hard drives.

We’ve seen this “thousands” of times ~ the agonized look on someone’s face when they realize their data is gone, and likely unrecoverable.
“Mother Earth” goes on… but your data does not have to disappear anytime soon. All it takes is a simple backup procedure – set up once, check it occasionally, and rest assured that if your computer has data loss, stopped working, etc., your files will be easily recoverable.

Okay, so many options – which one to choose?

We’ve experienced many of them – the wide variety of online backup systems – and for us Backblaze is the “one”. Why?  Several reasons: easy, fast backup, barely any impact on system performance, reliable, secure, great reputation, recommended by independent sources worldwide, inexpensive, unlimited storage, all “daisy-chained” external hard drives get backed up (Mac systems) included, and, now here’s the kicker – fast restore (many other services are very slow at restoring).
And the number one reason…TBI offers Backblaze.

Here’s how it works:

Call us at 203-222-1878, or stop by the store. Next, we hook you up with Backblaze, i.e. right on your computer (if you bring your Mac with you). Next we’ll help you set up your Backblaze (online) account, and finally, we’ll help you start the first backup process! Easy. Simple. Done.

Don’t get caught with your data down.

If you do not have a reliable backup solution, don’t move forward without putting one in place. Don’t hesitate, before it’s too late.
Backblaze makes it possible – TBI makes it easy.

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