Trade In & Trade Up

Looking to get a new Mac? Why not trade-in your old one… it’s probably worth more than you expect! TBI Computer can help you get the new Mac you’ve been waiting for.

Backup & Recovery

Hard Drive Crash or just want a Reliable Backup Solution? We can help with both! Come in to TBI Computer and let us help you get back up-and-running.

Everything Apple

Been wanting to get a new Mac, iPad, iPod or just the perfect case for your iPhone? TBI Computer’s knowledgeable staff can help you with all of your Apple product needs.

Personalized Training

Complete training for your Mac or iOS device. We’re now again offering 1-hour classes that teach you step-by-step basic and advanced techniques to master your Mac & Apps!


We aren’t just a store – TBI is a community of experts and enthusiasts. We opened in Westport, Connecticut in 1993, and we’re now at our state-of-the-art retail and service facility at 181 Westport Avenue in Norwalk. TBI Computer has developed a solid reputation for reliability, service, and integrity that our customers – and ourselves – we are proud of.

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TBI Computer- Apple Value Added Reseller

As Apple Authorized Service Providers TBI Computer can provide a variety of technical support services to meet your needs.

IOS 11 – A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad.

What about iOS 11? Although iOS 11 has received good reviews from beta testers, if you rely on an app that isn’t compatible, you may want to delay your upgrade. Check the App Store listing for each of your key apps, and if they’ve been updated recently, you’re...

What the %&#@& Is Draining My MacBook Battery?

If your MacBook’s battery charge is dropping faster than you think is reasonable, it’s time to look for the culprit. Click the Battery icon in the menu bar and wait a few seconds for the Battery menu to display power information, including which apps are using...

How to Stop Annoying Screen Flipping on Your iPad or iPhone

Normally, it’s helpful when an app on your iPad or iPhone switches from vertical (portrait) to horizontal (landscape) as you rotate the device. But it can be annoying to have the screen orientation flip back and forth, such as when you’re reading while lying on your...

The Single-click Trick to Declutter Your Mac’s Screen

Is your Mac’s screen cluttered with windows from different apps? Sometimes it’s handy to be able to see a couple simultaneously, but having too many apps visible is often distracting. There are a variety of ways to focus on a single app at a time, but here’s one of...

Peer Deep into Your Mac’s Soul with About This Mac

It’s easy to forget details about your Mac—what precise model it is, how much memory is installed, and so on. The quick way to remind yourself of the specifics is to choose About This Mac from the Apple menu. Obvious, we know, but it’s essential to remember when...

Back To School With A New Mac From TBI!

Want a new Mac? Need a new Mac? Want to upgrade your Mac? Need your Mac fixed? Have Mac technology questions? Once summer begins, the next school year seems a long way off. But as we all know, the seasons do change and before we know it, it's back-to-school. Your...

Backing Up Isn’t Hard To Do

“A file saved is a file saved.” While you may have heard of this statement, guess what? Restoring is impossible if you don’t have any backups. We searched the Internet to see who wrote the above statement, because we do not take it lightly. Again, it’s so easy to get...

Where did I get this MALWARE?

by Chris Place, ACMT So you’ve got malware, and I bet you’ve got questions.  By far, the most common of our malware-related questions is “How did I get infected with malware? Was it a website I went to?"  The answer is No.  It’s more complicated than just visiting a...

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