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Welcome to our new updated website. Come on in and nudge around. You will find the latest Apple products and services that TBI Computer has to offer.

TBI has been serving the Fairfield County area for 21 years, no kidding! We love to share our passion for Apple’s awesome products with you. We hope you will find our enthusiasm for all things Apple reflected in our website.

TBI is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Our certified technicians will work diligently to diagnose and repair your Apple products.  We are also an Apple Authorized Reseller selling a wide variety of both Apple and other products.

We plan to keep you updated with the latest news regarding Apple, it’s products and our services. We hope you will find the information here helpful and informative. We welcome your suggestions.

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  • Maintain your Mac
    Posted on June 27, 2014
    1. Update your software – From the Apple menu, choose Software Update (you must be connected to the Internet). Software Update will check for new versions of your software. If it finds any, the updates will appear in the Software Update window. Click the Install button to download and install the software. 

You can configure Software Update to automatically check for updates either daily, weekly, or monthly.
    2. Organize and name your files
 – Put your files where you can easily access them. This can help prevent accidental file deletion and help you find things much more efficiently. You can organize by creating new folders (in the Finder, press Shift-Command-N) and arranging them however you wish for your files at hand, or you can move your files into existing folders. If you lose track of a file or folder, you can use Spotlight to find it.
    • Tip: Go through generically-named files and folders and give them more descriptive names so you can find what you need fast.
    • Note 1: If you use iPhoto to manage your photos, don’t use the Finder to rename the photo files.
    • Note 2: Don’t change the names of applications. This will cause problems accessing them. You can drag an application to the Dock if you want a quick and easy way to open it from the Dock.
    1. Back up data regularly
 – In the event that you accidentally lose files, or need to restore your entire system from a backup, you should perform regular back ups of your computer. You can use Time Machine, which offers an easy way to back up and restore files to and from an external disk. You can also manually back up files to a CD, DVD, external hard drive, or other storage device.
    2. Clean your Mac
 – The materials used to make Apple products vary. Each product may have specific cleaning requirements, which may vary by the part you are cleaning. Here are some tips that apply to all products to get you started:
    • Use only a soft, lint-free cloth.
    • Disconnect your Apple product from the power source.
    • Disconnect external from the product.
    • Keep liquids away from the product.
    • Don’t get moisture into any openings.
    • Don’t use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives.
    • Don’t spray cleaners directly onto your Apple product.


    • Note: If liquid does make its way inside your Apple product, seek assistance from an Apple Authorized Service Provider like TBI Computer soon as possible. Liquid damage is not covered under the Apple product warranty or AppleCare Protection Plans.

    This blog entry is based on this article by Apple:

  • July Class Schedule is Now Available!
    Posted on June 25, 2014

    Our new class schedule for July has been posted! Sign up now as space is limited and registration is required!

    Print the schedule here.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essentials – This Saturday!
    Posted on April 17, 2014

    AdobeClass copy

  • TBI Computer is a hit in Norwalk!
    Posted on April 17, 2014
    TBI Computer owner Judy O'Meara and sales representative Dion Francis in the store's new Westport Avenue location.  TBI had been located in Westport.  Hour Photo / Erik Trautmann

    TBI Computer owner Judy O’Meara and  sales  representative Dion Francis in the store’s new Westport Avenue location. TBI had been located in Westport.  Hour Photo / Erik Trautmann

    By Chris BosakHour Staff Writer

    NORWALK — For years, TBI Computer built a business based largely on customer service from an office in a converted house at an out-of-the-way location in Westport.

    The time came, however, for the Apple Authorized Service Provider and Reseller to move to a larger and more visible space. For that, company owner Judy O’Meara looked to a spot in Norwalk that caught her eye years before.

    “I just love this building. There’s something about it,” O’Meara said of her new 3,300-square-foot location at 181 Westport Ave. “Two years ago I began to feel we were outgrowing our space (in Westport). I looked at this space, but it was a large leap. I was hesitant. I kept wanting to but was unable to do it then and there. Then a lighting store moved in here and I was so disappointed.”

    The lighting store did not remain in business there for long and O’Meara did not let it slip away again. Ester Stefanidis, the building’s landlord, also waited for O’Meara to be ready for the move. Once it was a done deal, the move occurred quickly for TBI Computer as it didn’t want the business to experience any downtime. TBI computer was packed up on March 1, unpacked in Norwalk on March 2 and opened on March 3.

    “I’m thrilled to have them here,” Stefanidis said. “They are great for Norwalk and great for this shopping center. We made a special effort to get them here. I thought they’d be a perfect fit. We have a great mix of tenants there with Metro Swim Shop and By the Yard fabric shop. It’s a good combination.”

    TBI Computer has been in business for 21 years. It deals strictly with Mac products and offers service (including house calls), repairs and instructional classes. It also features a retail component with products such as Apple computers, iPads, iPad minis, cases, ear phones, adaptors, cables and other Apple accessories.

    “We carry a lot more inventory today,” O’Meara said.

    She said another business shift TBI has experienced over the last few years is a higher concentration on small businesses and consumers.

    “People feel comfortable coming here. This is calmer and we talk their language,” she said, adding that some people feel intimidated going to an Apple store. “We communicate very straightforwardly.

    “We also build relationships and take a very personal approach,” O’Meara added. “It’s very satisfying to help someone to come to terms with (a computer problem.)”

    O’Meara said that, despite loving her new location, the business had a good run in Westport at 52 Post Road West.

    “It was a good place to put down roots and grow, but we just needed to expand,” she said. “Being visible is real plus for us now. We had been hidden for so many years — off road and up a hill. We used to say we were the best kept secret in Westport.”

    To reach TBI Computer, call (203) 222-1878, or visit

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